Sunday, May 3, 2009

Data Recovery with Mac OS

Today it is been daily requirement to save data on a PC whether it be of photos, files, project, and many more. Obviously you will not want your important data to be erased by an occurring of error or any means. But sometime we could not help it. We lose our data sometimes before any warning; the reasons are many like improper shut down, virus attack, hard drive crash, server failure etc.


Some Common Errors Occurs in Mac


HPS and HFS+ are the most common Apple Mac files systems that are referred to store data. If you are in the typical business field or use Mac for business purposes you should be careful of the human errors, hackers, Virus attacks and hard drive crashes. You must be careful enough while using a Mac OS so that you can avoid maximum data loss activity. If you notices following errors during your work you should understand that this the pre data lose situation:


  • Unreadable disks
  • No Volume (or Volume that isn't HFS)
  • An uninstalled drive
  • Computer cannot find the directory
  • Internal file system errors
  • Flawed master directory block
  • Non-Macintosh disks
  • Improper file names
  • Segment Loader Error
  • The disk is damaged do you want to initialize
  • 127 error disk could not be used/found


Console Data Loss

But it doesn’t mean that the data is lost forever, thanks for data recovery programs organized by many companies that help you to retrieve your important information that has been lost. If you suffer from a simultaneous data loss we suggest you to not to try self repairing of your hard drive. It can cause permanent data loss. A repairing process should be done under expertise in a clean room environment. It requires special and effective tools and sufficient knowledge of how to recover? If you will try yourself data retrieving it can cause even further and irreparable damage to the disk. You should consult immediately without self experiment on the disk.


Important Suggestions

If you have gone through the process of data recovery you should always remember to store recovered data as well as in different drive or location and not in the damaged disk or any of its corrupted part. If you notice any of the error showed by a Mac OS doesn’t try to restart or shut the system off by improper ways. Avoid clicking anywhere to get back your data always consult an expert. Be calm so that the things wouldn’t get worse. Avoid opening several things simultaneously so that the system wouldn’t get freeze.


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