Friday, May 30, 2008

Data Loss due to Startup issues In MacBook

Mac is a widely used and reliable operating system from Apple Inc. it is less prone to problems or failures as compared to other operating systems like Windows and Linux. But no system is fully reliable and completely safe. Errors and failures can occur in Mac also.

Sometimes when you start your Mac, it may not start normally, and create some problems like freezing or rebooting. These problems are generally occurs due to system operating system file corruption that may be the possible result of virus attack, software malfunction or hardware failures.

Mac provides the resolution of these problems in the form of disk repair utility to fix such problems. Mac OS X has two repair utilities for this purpose- Disk Utility and FSCK. The utilities are helpful for you to fix the possible file system issues. If you are using Mac OS X 10.4 or later version, you must use Disk Utility in place of FSCK.

In some circumstances, it might possible the file system issues may prevent your system from booting or starting up. It can occur after improper system shutdown, power interruption or forced shutdown. You can use disk utility by following these steps:
1. Insert Mac disk and restart your computer and after starting, select Disk Utility from Installer Menu.
2. Select First Aid tab and click to disclosure triangle to hard drive icon.
3. Select your Mac volume and then click Repair.

This method works in most of the startup issues where your computer freezes at startup. But in case when your computer can’t boot, you need to format your drive and reinstall the Mac. These situations may lead to inaccessible Mac drive and may cause data loss.

In these situations, to recover your data, you need for special data recovery software. These softwares are known as Mac data recovery software.

Mac Data Recovery software are specially designed data recovery software that can recover the lost data on Mac computer in all possible cases of data loss when your internal system tools fails to repair the drive or recover the data. These software use advanced searching algorithms to search and locate the lost data and show them in easily understandable tree format. You can save the data on your drive from this search result.

There are numerous data recovery mac software available in the market developed by different companies. Among these softwares, Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software from Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the robust and reliable data

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